An intense, breathtaking, inspiring spy thriller and love story.

In times when we need people to inspire us, in times when women’s potential are challenged, this screenplay gives an answer.

This screenplay puts on stage the stark reality of life. It is set to become a powerful film.

The Wallenberg Dossier is an international co-production voiced in English and intended for global distribution.
Production is headquartered in Milan, Italy.

It is the fascinating story of the life of Raoul Wallenberg, the man who, at the risk of his own life and with spectacular and innovatory actions, saved tens of thousands of Jewish families from the Shoah and then disappeared in mysterious circumstances. It is, moreover, the story of an intimate and desperate love between Raoul Wallenberg and the young Jewish woman who will eventually change the course of history by saving her own savior.

This is a powerful film that brings on stage, not only the complete and still today mysterious story of Raoul Wallenberg but also  personalities like Eichmann, Kartashov and Himmler.
Above all, the film is a powerful love story that lives on beyond time and rules.

DMA International entrusted novelist Davide Amante with the writing of the script for this film.
The film is based on extensive historical research, which has allowed us to reconstruct the life of Raoul Wallenberg thanks also to the documentation found by the Russian-Swedish Commission of Inquiry, and from the CIA papers recently made available with the Freedom for Information Act. Incredibly, the author’s research brings to the big screen unexpected conclusion to Wallenberg’s mysterious fate.


PASSION | ˈpaSHən | [intense emotion compelling action, beyond control]
CONTINUATION | kənˌtinyo͞oˈāSH(ə)n | [the action of carrying something on over a period of time]
LIFE | līf | [a principle of force that underlies the quality of animate beings]