Mira. This is the name of the she-protagonist of the film The Wallenberg Dossier.
While the story is based on Wallenberg’s life it is Mira, in fact, the true hero of the novel and the film.
She has to face the drama of the war and of the hate for her race. A man comes to save her and, unexpectedly and even unwillingly, they fall in love. Their love is so powerful that the two glide across the war and the events in a flight of poetry and passion, beyond races and time.
However the Nazi secret services are following them, filling a dossier with informations and notes about their movements across the city, their relation, their life: the Wallenberg Dossier.
This Dossier will determine their separation. Wallenberg will be arrested and Mira will escape to the United States seeking shelter. Eventually Wallenberg will be jailed and will disappear mysteriously.
However no one knows that the woman he once loved is  taking control of Wallenberg’s destiny and reaching out to save him. She will organize a formidable operation with the allied secret services to save the man who had once saved her and loved her.
And they will meet again in New York City living to the full, older but free, the powerful love story that they were not able to live when younger.