The Wallenberg Dossier awarded Best Novel 2021

The Wallenberg Dossier awarded ‘Best Novel 2021’ by the book review staff of CulturesMag. The novel was awarded for its “fast-paced and compelling” style and for its “ability to open a new, dramatic, point of view on the horrific facts of Budapest and the life of Raoul Wallenberg during World War II”.

The Wallenberg Dossier winner of the literary award ‘Un Certain Regard’

The novel The Wallenberg Dossier by Davide Amante wins the literary award Un Certain Regard. The literary award ‘Un Certain Regard’ focuses on those novels that have shown a certain gaze, a particular point of view, a new way of seeing the theme of love and the drama of the Shoah. The Wallenberg Dossier is […]

The Wallenberg Dossier, the novel will become a feature film

The Wallenberg Dossier is the story of a limitless passion between a man and a woman in wartime. The Wallenberg Dossier is an exceptional novel that tells a love story lived by a young couple and rediscovered when older, fought beyond time and rules. But the novel’s exceptionality, and modernity, is also revealed in the […]

The Wallenberg Dossier, soon the screenplay

The Wallenberg Dossier screenplay, adapted from the bestselling novel by the same title, is being adapted into a screenplay. “The Wallenberg Dossier is a novel that works on multiple levels: it is a thriller, it is a love story, it is a biography and it is a war story. The tempo and fast pace that […]