The Dossier – A documentary about Raoul Wallenberg is a four-episodes documentary, planned along the film’s production.
The documentary uses in part material shot during the film’s production and in part historical material and also features in-depth interviews.

A unique and cost-effective production method was set up by DMA INTERNATIONAL production staff  to combine on the same set the filming of the movie, the filming of the documentary in episodes.

The aim of the documentary is to give a innovatory, sharp view of the Shoah from the point of view of the film’s protagonists.
The film introduces personalities such as Raoul Wallenberg, Mira, Eichmann, Himmler, Kartashov.

The documentary traces the incredible path of the secret Dossier ordered by the Nazi commander Eichmann after he met with Wallenberg. Not anyone had any knowledge of this Dossier, excepting for a few high ranking officials in Budapest. The Dossier changed hands many times until it was finally seized and used to arrest Wallenberg.

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