The Wallenberg Dossier is a fast-paced novel that involved and thrilled readers worldwide and offered a plausible solution to Wallenberg’s mysterious disappearance. Raoul Wallenberg was a hero of his time. He saved thousands of Jewish families from deportation, at his own life’s risk, enacting the largest rescue operation in Europe. His actions were recognized and respected by many governments, starting with the United States.

However he disappeared and today we still have no answer as to what happened to him. It is not yet clear whether Raoul Wallenberg died in Moscow in 1947 or he was exchanged and protected under a cover name, to outlive his fame.

In 2015 Davide Amante published his fiction novel and the mystery surrounding Raoul Wallenberg finally seemed to find a solution. And it was indeed an unexpected solution.

The bestselling novel by Davide Amante The Wallenberg Dossier successfully combines extensive historical research by the author with an intense, passionate love story and spy thriller along the river Danube. during the Second World War.

A man boarding a plane from Stockholm to New York will recognize a few seats before him the woman he once loved. As the plane crosses the Atlantic he thinks back at Budapest, Hungary, along the  waters of the Danube river, where the two lived an intense love affair and spy story. Sent to Hungary at President’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s direct orders, Wallenberg’s actions and courage will help save thousands of Jewish families. Wallenberg will eventually be arrested by Soviet forces entering Budapest and secretly brought to Moscow to face one of the harshest interrogations ever. A few years later Wallenberg will disappear in mysterious circumstances. However, no one knows the young woman he once loved is taking control of his destiny and reaching out to save him.

Based on the dossier ordered by the Nazi secret services to follow each single move of Wallenberg inside and outside the city of Budapest. This dossier is as much dramatic as it is poetical because it tells the most intimate moments of Wallenberg’s life and reveals an incredible love story that will eventually change the course of history.

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